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Looking Behind the Scenes at Creative Direction for Osea Skincare

Osea is an earth and ocean inspired, plant-based beauty company. They specialize in natural skincare and organic spa professional products.

A random fact: I grew up working my summers on a natural seaweed farm, cleaning and drying seaweed, so I know all about the benefits from seaweed and the ocean.


Going from Mood Board to Photoshoot

I was excited to work for Osea. For their inspiration board, I looked at trends in the beauty industry and they gave me their style board.

I wanted to add elements of the ocean to their general aesthetic. This speaks to their products and core values. 

Below, is the mood board I created: 


I went to the beach to find props for this photoshoot. I was interested in san and seagrass. But if anyone knows San Francisco, the beaches aren’t the best here, and the sand just looked like dirt.

So, two hours later my apartment is full of sand and I can’t use any of it! What I did end up using is the seagrass which added a subtle and unique natural element that I haven’t seen before. It turned out really well and the natural elements accented the products nicely.


What about the earth and ocean inspires you? Let me know in the comments!

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