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Mood board - An Ocean Vibe

Mood boards are ways to connect with your intuition in design. It’s not a hard science and there aren’t specific rules. I love the discovery process of finding pieces that fit together. You might be on Pinterest, Designspiration, Instagram, or looking at magazines and get a spark of an idea that could land on a mood board.

I want to bring you a mood board series that is for pure inspiration. This week I was inspired to see how the ocean, as a theme, can translate to creative work.

I incorporated subtle themes like the contrast between natural elements combined and studio art, the color blue, and neutral tans that play off of the color of sand. It’s those nuances that create successful mood boards.

Look at these images below and see what resonates with you and your brand or what doesn’t resonate at all.  


Visual Inspiration from the Beach

What did you like and dislike? I want to point out that there are a million types of ocean mood boards one could make off of that one word and the feeling of being at a beach. If you love bright colors, you might think of a beach in Mexico with a bright pink bathing suit. This is my take on the ocean, which may be influenced by the fact that I live in San Francisco and am from Oregon. The beach here is more related to grey than anything.


Why I Love this Ocean Vibe

It’s natural, unexpected, simple, fun, and a perfect balance of stylized and messy. It doesn't try too hard. The colors are muted and yummy.

If you want to see more of this mood board and read more about these artists you can check out my full Pinterest Board.

Do you Love this Ocean Inspiration Too?

Does anyone have a brand that would fit this style? Because I'm dying to do some Art Direction in this vein.  

If you’re needing art direction and have a brand that would fit this style, send me an email at:


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