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Petal and Clay

Branding Design and Photography

Petal and Clay is a jewelry company that makes hand-made clay and necklaces and boutonnieres designed to hold flowers. I partnered with Rose Otter when she had made the business of her dreams a reality but knew she needed a brand identity that spoke to her vision. Deliverables included a primary and secondary logo, business card design, illustrations, packaging wrap, website update, and a line sheet. 

After creating a successful brand identity, she needed branding photography that made her stand out. I creative directed, produced and photographed a custom lookbook for her. 

"My branding makes me feel professional and confident and excited to share. 
It feels like a compilation of everything I love and hope my business to be."

- Rose Otter   

business card mockup_1.jpg
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Petal & Clay - Box (078)-Edit.jpg
Petal & Clay - Necklace in Box (074)-Edit.jpg

Brand Photography